Lesson: The Wilderness School-  Chapter 3 in Manna and Mercy This story is about God teaching the people about how to live in freedom.  They go to the “Wilderness School.” 1.     1.   Discuss  with your parent:  What are some of the most important things you have learned at school this year?   Parent: Discuss with your confirmation student who was a significant teacher for you—in or out of school. 2.       2.    Read pages 7-9 in your Manna and Mercy   (Here is the link to the pages, if you do not have your book at home with you.)   Video Lesson   (Here is the link in case the embedded one doesn't work) v=2lqR-MlslkU Discuss the following as a family:: 1. What did the people learn by gathering manna each day for their clan?  What experiences have taught you to depend on God and that God can be trusted? What do you think it means to say “It is hard to pr

Mentor Conversation Guide & Expectations

  2020-2021 Mentor Conversation Guide & Expectations Requirements of mentor meetings each month: 1. Meet once a month for at least 15 minutes. 2. Have a live conversation (not texting). You can video chat, call on the phone, or meet in person. 3. Talk about something faith related during part of your conversation. 4. Students must fill out the following report after each meeting: Conversation Guide Please feel free to use this conversation guide during your meetings with your mentor/mentee. It is not required to use these questions, or to complete all the questions.  October 2020 Caring Conversations 1.   What job would you never want to have? Why? 2.   When do you feel judged?   Rituals and Traditions 1.   If you created a new way to honor God, what would you do? 2.   Something that I love about my church community is... 3.   What items do you own that symbolize your faith?   Service 1.   What might God calling you toward? 2.   What is the bigge

How Online Confirmation Lessons Will Work

 Friends in Christ, We are excited and nervous about this online learning journey together. We welcome your feedback- about what you enjoy and what is challenging. Each lesson will be housed here in this Blog. The blog will have a page for each lesson, including a video, discussion questions, and a link to the reporting form. We know that online learning will not take as long as our in person classes. The video lessons by the Pastors will be no more than 10-15 minutes. We anticipate you will need to spend about 30 minutes total for each online lesson session. Each lesson will be divided into sections. Intro  will help you get involved in the story of the day. The intro may have a discussion question, a Bible verse to read, or a section to read from the Manna and Mercy book. Video Lesson will be by the pastors. We will use the videos to teach about the lesson in a fun, engaging way.  Discussion Questions  will be on the blog page. Students are asked to answer the discussion questions wi

Lesson: Beginnings

Confirmation Lesson: Beginnings  Intro This story is about God creating the world! 1. Discuss with your parent: What are some things you remember or assume to be true about the creation story? 2. Read pages 1-3 in your Manna and Mercy  book. (Here is a link to the pages, if you do not have your book at home with you) Link to Manna & Mercy pg 1-3 Video Lesson Watch this video: (Here is the link in case the embedded one doesn't work) Discuss Answer the following questions as a family: 1. What is something you see in creation that is "Very Tov" (aka Very good)? 2. Name some things you see that are broken in the world. What are some ways people try to make themselves 'Big Deals'? 3. God decided not to use force to make people behave. God didn't want to follow the "Big deal/Little deal" pattern people were using. God wanted humans as partners, not groveling subjects. Is this different than how you have imagi